Democracy Tech Index

Interactive directory highlighting internet tools for democratic participation

UI Design
Visualise the globe based of internet or democractic freedomVisualise the globe based of internet or democractic freedom


The Democratic Tech Index highlights innovative and emerging digital tools around the globe that focus on democratic participation. The directory acts as a living knowledge base highlighting new approaches available to build a more fair, accessible, and inclusive decision-making process through the internet.

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Built in collaboration with the Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet (DADI) Foundation in 2019. I was involved helping ideate and design a map to visualise the globe through internet and geopolitical freedoms, while highlight organisations building technology solutions at these intersections.

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We need to reframe technology’s role in a world with an increasingly unequal distribution of wealth and power.

Jennifer Martin-Nye — DADI Foundation

Showcasing projects improving democracy through technologyShowcasing projects improving democracy through technology


Unfortunately, the foundation was discontinued and the website was never built. It was intended the index to act as an ongoing resource library to improve learning within the technology and human rights sector while fostering collaboration between organisations working on these themes. The project's ambition was to promote organisations that work to tackle root causes of injustice, bridging the gap between technical expertise and human rights activism.