Measuring investment portfolios against the Sustainable Development Goals

Product Design
UI/UX Design


Alō is a data-driven tool for investors and investment managers looking to measure the sustainability of their investments. The app translates multiple sets of environmental, social and governance (ESG) data into an adopted format using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as its benchmark.


The research and development of Alō was completed over a one-month accelerator programme in 2018 with PwC. Partnering with internal investment managers, I contributed as a product design consultant to help navigate this complex challenge area through user research and product thinking. The process involved collaborating closely with internal sustainability teams to leverage existing knowledge and help map, validate, and test our product concept developments.

Portfolio SDG breakdownPortfolio SDG breakdown
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New financial insights. Investors can identify and understand their clients' contributions towards the goals in a new format that interprets complex data into a simplified and informative format.


The design process primary used rapid prototyping and digital sketeches to assist in user testing. With a mockups used for a final pitch presentation. In the background, the team developed an SDG evaluation metric that enables take pre-existing ESG data and quantitatively measure its impact against achieving the goals. The methodology is based on an evaluation of multiple economic sectors against the SDGs 170 targets while considering the relevanant factors of each specific country.